Retirement Communities

retirement communities near seattle

Why People Move In

Moving to a Retirement Community is really good for your brain! Staying active and socially engaged is an important part of healthy aging.  Basic rent includes one to three nutritious meals a day, utilities, concierge services, planned activities, and transportation. 


How Care is Delivered

In this setting, care is not available in-house but is easily brought in from the outside. Many Retirement Communities partner with in-home care agencies. This can keep the cost of care down. An in-home care company can offer care at a Retirement Community in 15-minute increments for example. One caregiver can see multiple residents, fill their schedule and eliminate their driving time. 


Why People Move Out

When a lot of care is needed, the cost of rent plus the cost of in-home care can become cost-prohibitive. If you begin to need more than 6 hours of care in a 24 hour period, another setting may be more affordable.  A progressing dementia diagnosis, requiring close supervision can not usually be safely accommodated in this setting. Another reason people seek alternative settings is that retirement communities do not accept Medicaid.

Key insights

  • Age requirements

    55 - 62+

  • Services

    Up to 3 meals/day, concierge help desk, utilities, Wifi, life enrichment activities, transportation, and emergency pull cords.

  • Care

    When care is needed it must be brought in from the outside.

  • Accepted Payment Sources

    Private Pay