Home Care

If you would like to conduct your own search, here are some resources to help you.

Department of Social and Health Services
The Department of Social Health Services provides a complete list of providers with their license status and links to enforcement letters as well as a document called “Disclosure of Services” outlining some specific information about what type of care they provide and their Medicaid policy.

Department of Health
On the Department of Health’s website, you can look up a home care agency to see if they are in “active” status. Additionally, you can look up an individual nurse or caregiver to see if their license is active and if they have any enforcement actions on record. For home care agencies look under the “Health Facility” link and for individuals look under “Healthcare Provider.”

Retirement Connection
Retirement Connection provides a list of local providers including contact information and website listings.


A Smoother Move
Kathy Riemann and Kelly Bryant
[email protected]

Simply Placed
Debbie Rosemont
[email protected]

Organized for Life
Barbi Peterson and Nancy Law
[email protected]


Puget Sound Moving

Alex and JJ
[email protected]
Greater Seattle area. Can do packing and unpacking too!

Elder Law

Sanders Law Group
Peggy L. Sanders, Attorney-at-Law
[email protected]

Washington Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
A good source for experienced elder law attorneys.

Medicare/Medicaid Assistance

State Health Insurance Benefits Advisors
Free Medicare enrollment help from volunteers.

Questions and Answers on the COPES Program
Published annually, this document outlines the qualifications for the Medicaid/COPES program.

Nursing Assessments and Nurse Delegation

Tina Ackerson, BSN, RN
[email protected]
$400 for preadmission assessments. Snohomish County.

Alina Capusan, RN
[email protected]
$400 for pre-admission assessments. Covers Seattle and Eastside.

Aurica Cuc, RN
[email protected]
$400 for pre-admission assessments. Prefers North Seattle area.

Jennifer Duma, RN
[email protected]
$375 for preadmission assessments.

Nancy Haberman, RN
[email protected]
$400 for preadmission assessments. Prefers Eastside (Renton to Kirkland).

Senior Transitions, LLC
Gale Wald, RN, BA
[email protected]
$400 for pre-admission assessments.

Daily Money Management

Additional Resources

Washington State Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Solid Ground
[email protected]

The Washington State Long-Term Care Ombudsman advocates for residents of nursing homes, adult family homes, and assisted living facilities. Their purpose is to protect and promote Resident Rights under Federal and State laws and regulations. They are trained to receive complaints and resolve problems in situations involving quality of care, use of restraints, transfer and discharge, abuse, and other aspects of resident dignity and rights.
*Has a list of Medicaid housing options.

Report Neglect and Abuse
1-866-ENDHARM (1.866.363.4276)

Ohana Fiduciary and Guardianships of Seattle

Provides services designed to meet the needs of people who require assistance with their financial affairs and/or personal care.

The Association of Senior Referral Professionals
ASRP is the professional trade association for referral or placement agencies in Washington. Washington state was the first to pass a law (in 2012) regulating the operating procedures of senior referral professionals like Silver Age. You can find information here about the regulations we are required to follow.