Adult Family Homes

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Adult Family Homes are private residential homes licensed to care for up to eight people.  They are heavily regulated in WA and can be owned and operated by Registered Nurses, Nursing Assistants, or Home Care Aides. Some have private rooms with private bathrooms, most offer a combination of shared and private rooms. Owners often feel a calling to open their homes and provide high-quality, loving care. Finding out why they opened and what keeps them going is an important part of our screening process.

Why People Move In

The adult family homes setting offers a smaller more intimate environment than larger assisted living facilities. For people who have more complex medical needs and need close monitoring or for those who thrive in the consistent presence of other people (it’s harder to disappear for long periods of time in your room here), this setting can be just right.

How care is delivered

Adult Family Homes are usually better equipped to handle unscheduled needs with higher caregiver to resident ratios. Care and activities are able to be more customized in this setting.  A little bit of checking in each hour is naturally easier in this smaller setting. Each home is a microculture. Some specialize in care for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, others focus on Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, or a combination of the three. Many people live out their last days under the care of a loving adult family home care team that has become like family to them.

Why People Move Out

Just like other settings, we get calls each year from people needing to move out of adult family homes too. An unexpected change in condition that cannot safely be accommodated is the most common reason for a move-out. Other reasons include disagreements between owners and residents or their representatives that cannot be resolved with the help of an Ombuds or the need to move because a person’s funds have run out and the facility does not accept Medicaid.

We hope that you will enlist our help as you search for the best place for yourself or a loved one. We feel that our service especially shines when our clients are seeking care in an adult family home. For 14 years, we have been taking insider notes on the capability and character of hundreds of homes in King and Snohomish County.

If you are a do it yourselfer, get started with your search by visiting The Department of Social Health Services (DSHS) Adult Family Home Locator or the Adult Family Home Council websites. Both have listings of adult family homes in Washington. Here is a guide to Choosing Care in an Adult Family Home.

Adult family homes are paid for privately, with Long Term Care Insurance, Veteran’s Aid and Attendance, or Medicaid when accepted (not to be confused with Medicare).

Key insights

  • Age requirements

    Some homes specialize in care for younger people. The majority focus on elder care.

  • Services

    3 meals/day plus snacks, 24-hour care, medication management, customized activities, and a warm, homelike atmosphere.

  • Care

    AFHs excel at 24 hour personalized care with a caregiver to resident ratio that typically can't be found in other settings.